Combined Verification and Certification 

Key features

This course acts as a pre-requisite for joining a competent person scheme

Once joining a competent person scheme, this course allows you to sign off the electrical circuits that you install

Enable you to carry out electrical installation condition reports (EICR’s)


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4 Days


Level 3 Award in the Initial Verification, Periodic Inspection Testing, Condition Reporting and Certification of Electrical Installations certified by LCL Awards

Entry requirements

This course has no formal prerequisites and is open to any candidate wishing to upskill in the electrical industry although we do recommend electrical industry knowledge.

How you'll spend your time

This course includes:

  • General requirements of guidance note 3
  • Initial verification of electrical installations
  • Periodic verification of electrical installations
  • Testing procedures, results interpretation and calculations. This includes parallel conductors, resistance of line and earth cables for ring final and final circuits, insulation resistance values, earth loop impendence, prospective fault current, RCD test methods, phase rotation and functional testing.
  • Model forms and certificates of BS7671:2018:A2:2022
  • Test instruments and their usage
  • Dead testing and safe isolation procedures
  • Live testing and practice
  • Fault finding training
  • Online multiple choice exams and practical testing assessment.

Course costs & funding

Charged at only £1095 + VAT for this 4 day package which includes all training, assessments, registration and certification fees, access to the e-learning platform and normative reference documents.

Also includes in-centre use of BS7671, Guidance Note 3, Onsite Guide and The Electricians Guide to Building Regulations.

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    Can I/We book all the practical training sessions as soon as I/We enrol?

    No, each practical training session is made available to you as soon as you complete the workbooks and training module associated with the practical session. You will however be provided multiple dates if needed due to prior commitments or you cannot attend one for any reason.

    What is the turn around time of marking for the home study learning?

    Our average turn around time for marking of workbooks is a week but we do have in our expectations document a turnaround time of 2 weeks in case of busy periods and an influx of work for our training team.

    In regards to the portfolio, does this have to be completed after the package?

    No, this is included in the list of topics covered and in the timeframe to complete your course and can be completed in your practical session should you need too. All writing up onto the e-learning platform is completed from the comfort of your own home but the practical portfolio, photographic evidence and any associated documentation can be completed in centre during your package.



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